Searching for a word to pdf converter that will handle special fonts

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I have a 500-page Word document made in MS Office 2007. While making this file I have imported 487 types of fonts. However, now it is really tough to convert the file to pdf. I have tried various converters including the built-in Office 'save as' option. There were some converters which were able to convert the document, but only one page of it.

Can anyone link me to a free full version (not trialware) of a Word to PDF converter that can keep my imported fonts intact?

I have tried many, such as Word2PDF, PDFonline, and many others. PDFCreator converted my file with 70% accuracy, but I'm still looking for something better.

Best Answer

While I don't use it very often, when needed I have found PDFCreator to be nearly flawless. Unless I am misunderstanding what you mean by "keep the fonts intact". In all my experiences the appearance has been identical.

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