Screenshot capture of google maps which has to be scrolled

google mapsscreenshot

I have read about this in some questions here , and tried almost all their solutions but none of them have worked for me for one reason or other.
I want to take a snapshot from google maps, directions window which need to be scrolled to see full with given details in the image, i want.

Now I tried many tools like standalone applications : PicPick, DuckCapture, Google map server

Chrome extension – Fireshot, Webpage screen shot

The reasons for not working are like e.g. If I used DuckCapture or PicPick to capture a google map directions page which needed scrolling, this app automatically caused the map to zoom out and loose details(mouse scroll wheel in google maps acts as zoom-in/out, which is same for scrolling down a page!)

Browser extensions just did capture the screen full, nothing outside it.

I am sure there is a simpler way to capture a screen shot of a large google maps window which has to be scrolled, than having to take multiple captures, and then stitch those individual images together in Photoshop!

Has anybody got any good pointers.

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List all Steps, then Print. Save as PDF if you don't want it on paper.

List all Steps


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