Safari Omnibox – How to Jump Directly to Search Results Like Chrome


In Chrome, TAB takes you directly from 'omnibox' to search results. This doesn't seem to be the case in Safari (it takes ~12 TABs). Is there any way to remedy this?

Best Answer

Seems like there is a workaround this (annoying behavior) by hiding the toolbar (you can leave the 'bookmarks bar' visible). But, now the 'iCloud tabs' aren't accessible anymore: is there any other way (besides hiding the toolbar) to achieve the sought after Chrome behavior?

Meanwhile, there seems to be a bug in Safari 6.0.1/8536.26.14: while the Toolbar is otherwise hidden, you do get to see it when opening a new (empty) tab ... and if you then click the 'iCloud tabs' button, you get an unexpected behavior: the drop-down menu does show, but is unresponsive (and sometimes it doesn't show at all).

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