Windows – Run exe when computer is inactive for some time


Following an advice given to me in this question I have made this question. So I have an exe I want to run after the computer is idle (by idle I don’t mean sleep, I mean inactive or not being used) for sometime lets say 30 mins. Once the “inactive” timeout reaches I want the application to run. Saying that my PC is set up to only have the option “Screen sleep after “ in the Power options no Computer sleep, so the PC doesn’t go to sleep or the screen gets lock-screen unless I forced it using Windows+L keys, and I want to keep these settings as it is. I want to detect an inactivity time period and once the inactivity time period is reached then I want to execute an exe. Any idea how this can be done?


I've followed the steps provided in the answers:

Created a new task, added a trigger, set it to event: on Idle and created the task. In the conditionstab, specified the task waits 1min to become idle (instead of 10min just to test).

But then I wait for more than 10mins and the task is never triggered on PC1 but triggers on another PC2. I've checked online and found that PowerCfg -requests will show what is stopping the PC from being Idle and when I run it on PC2 nothing returns but when I run it on PC1 I get this "Legacy Kernel Caller" driver.

So I used Powercfg -requestsoverride but when I run powercfg -requestsoverride Driver "Legacy Kernel Caller" System , where it succeeds and I find it in the Powercfg -requestsoverride list, but then powercfg -requests it still shows [DRIVER] Legacy Kernel Caller under SYSTEM: and the task is never triggered any advice please?

Best Answer

What you want is easy. You can do it using task scheduler.

When creating a task, under Conditionstab, you have the option to start the task if computer is idle for: . In there just put how much idle time you want.

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Just program the .exe you want to run, how often you want it and then use the idle condition.