How to Route All Traffic Through Laptop Using Squid on Windows


I have just installed Squid on my laptop and I am successfully blocking all the traffic that I want to block ( websites, protocols etc. ). But I would like to route all the traffic form my LAN ( have just 2 computers in it – and I use Dlink 502T router – I know, an old one). Any ideas how can I do this ?

I have found something like this on the web but this is for Linux

I have already thought about assigning my IP as a "default gateway" on other computers from my LAN but Squid uses port 3128. Would it work like this or should I change Squid port to 80 ? Will it work then ?

Best Answer

Setup the browsers on the other computers to use your machine's squid port as the web proxy.

If you want to block other protocols or programs, you will need to setup a real router/gateway scenario, but there are several other pieces of software, and probably hardware, that you would need for that. The simplest scenario is just setting them to use your squid address as their default browser proxy.

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