Windows – Restoring Mac-BootCamp-Windows-partition image to Windows machine


I'm running Windows XP SP3 on my Mac using Boot Camp.

I'd like to move this partition to a Windows machine.

This is what I tried:
1. Create image using Winclone
2. Restore drive to disk partition on Windows machine using Paragon
3. Reboot from new partition

It attempts to boot in XP (Windows flag and progress bar load screen) but then gives me the old BSOD. Safe mode just hangs while loading.

(I then uninstalled KB977165 on a hunch, but that did nothing to help the issue.)

Any ideas, advice, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Best Answer

Windows is kinda picky about switching core hardware components. Sometimes changing a few things just requires you to re-activate windows. Sometimes it won't even boot. I expect this is a driver issue when it can't boot.

In any case... I've been able to fix it by doing a windows repair from the installation cd. Its a bit confusing to get to the repair option. When you boot the CD... it'll ask you first if you'd like to install windows or repair a current installation. If you choose to repair a current installation, it'll just drop you into the command line with access to your hard drive. You have to choose to install windows. Then at the screen where you can select the partition you want to install windows to... it'll show your current windows installation and offer a repair option. This is the repair option you'll want to use.

Doing this kind of windows repair replaces a lot of core windows components. You might have to re-install a bunch of windows updates. You'll have to re-enter your license key. Some programs might not work anymore.

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