Repair of Office Professional did not complete successfully


When I try and run Repair on my installation of Office Professional Plus 2010 I get the error

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 configuration did not complete
successfully. The file {90140000-01
15-040g-0000-0000000FF1CE)-C\OfficeMUI.msi could not be found.

Word, Excel, Outlook, Access all work properly, I have no complaints. The problem only came to light when trying failing to install Sharepoint Designer.

How do I fix this?

The host is 64bit Windows 7 Professional.
Office is 32bit.

update: discovered there is a logfile in %tmp% which contains a more information. The complete file, SetupExe(2012100316390915A0).log, is here. And the relevant portion seems to be:

Running OSE version 14.0.4730.1010
LIS: start caching package "{90140000-0115-0409-0000-0000000FF1CE}"
LIS: creating download package "{90140000-0115-0409-0000-0000000FF1CE}-C"
LIS: finished starting caching package "{90140000-0115-0409-0000-0000000FF1CE}"
PERF: TickCount=192496326 Name=Completed verify local install source Description=End function
Error: File "C:\MSOCache\All Users\{90140000-0115-0409-0000-0000000FF1CE}-C\OfficeMUI.msi" cannot be found for MSI install Type: 20::FileNotFound. 

And indeed the file does not exist (and neither does "C:\MSOCache" for that matter).

Best Answer

Some days ago, I had exactly this problem and the only way to fix this problem was uninstalling and reinstalling Office.

To uninstall Office, use FixIt:

Click Fix it.

At the bottom of your screen, click Open.

NOTE: If the file doesn’t open, click Save > Open Folder, then double-click the file (it should start with "O15CTRRemove") to run the Fix it tool.

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