Removing five analog pins (four plus long one) from DVI-I connector


I have a laptop hooked up a monitor by VGA. The GPU driver is stubborn and thinks my monitor is a 4:3 CRT, and so the picture is stretched because the monitor seems to lack letterboxing. My best option is connecting the HDMI out on the laptop to the DVI in on the monitor, so I bought an adapter. The adapter, however, is HDMI to DVI-I, a counter-intuitive feature that makes it useless for my purpose, since monitors have DVI-D input. (Besides, not all DVI-out ports are DVI-I anyway, like on GPUs/motherboards that also have VGA.)

I know that the five pins off to the side are analog. If I were to remove the four small pins, that still leaves the long pin, which is too long to fit in a DVI-D port. However, the Wikipedia article says that it's used for analog ground, which means it shouldn't be necessary for DVI-D.

My question is simply one of whether I can also remove the long pin and have the adapter function. (I have not touched it, BTW.)

I have already ordered another adapter, but I want to know if the one I have can be used as a spare if I make these modifications.

Edited for clarity.

EDIT: I just got an HDMI to DVI-D cable, and it works fine, so this is a non-issue. A definite answer for my benefit and of others who may need this answer would be appreciated, though.

Best Answer

Depending on the actual adapter, you should be able to do that.

As stated above, the 4 pins are used for Analog, which is not used at all in HDMI. I believe they may have put those in by mistake, but you should not need to buy another one. I have not personally removed the pins, but considering that you would need a powered adapter to go from Analog to Digital, there should be no reason for that.

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