Mac – Read ext3 filesystem on Mac OS X Snow Leopard


I want to read and copy an ext3 file system on mac os x snow leopard.

Search points to using macfuse (MacFUSE-2.0.3,2) with fuse ext2 (0.0.7)

Which seems to work, but copy stops with:

unexpected error occurred error code -8084

Also some files containing swedish characters are not displayed properly, so I am suspicious maybe ext3 features are not fully supported?

This blog describes an entirely different approach

But it needs a Linux guest.

Any help, advice or explanation appreciated.

Best Answer

i finally ended up using oracle virtualboxvm with an ubuntu natty box guest addition. setting up shared folders and making usb work is not for the light-hearted. used rsync after to copy, still got some errors, but still the best shot at it. (btw, writing to disk works smoothly too).

All in all, it is kinda sad that in 2011 you still need to be a hacker to read a simple ext3 properly on a mac.

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