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I've noticed the performance on my RAID0 setup seems to have degraded over the past months. The throughput is fine, but I think the random access time has increased or something.

In use I generally see about 1-5mb/sec when loading stuff in Visual Studio and other apps and it doesn't seem like the CPU is bottlenecking as the CPU utilization is pretty low. I don't recall what Access Time used to be, but HD Tune is reporting 12.6ms Read throughput is showing as averaging about 125MB/sec so it should be great for sequential reads. Defrag daily and it shows fragmentation levels low, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Additional info, Windows 7 x64, Intel raid controller on mobo, WD Black 500GB (I think 32mb cache) x2.

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Possible candidates:

  • Full NTFS. With space available <10%, NTFS performane suffers, but mostly (not only) for writes
  • Internal remapping of sectors of the HDDs. Look at the SMART data.
  • File system damage
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