PowerPoint – How to see TOTAL run time after creating slide show


I have already created a slide show using the AUTOMATIONS tab and the Advance Slide Automatically After ---- function where I have manually entered the runtime of each individual slide until my Slide Show was complete. I now have a finished Show, but I want to determine its TOTAL Running Time. I would think the program would be able to give this information without running a Rehearsal, but I tried the Rehearsal function and found that will not accomplish this either.

How can I see the total run time?

Best Answer

I recently had the same need and having been unable to find a simple solution, I added a feature to a free add-in that I created for PowerPoint power users called BrightSlide. It adds the required info to the Timing group of the Transitions tab. Here's a couple of screenshots of the feature in action:

Modified Timing group in the Transitions tab of PowerPoint

When clicking the Detail button (old screenshot from former product):

enter image description here

To access the feature in BrightSlide, click the BrightSlide tab followed by Settings & Help / Settings / Ribbon Setup and check Legacy Tools. You'll then see a new Legacy Tools drop down in the BrightSlide ribbon in which you can activate the Timing Pro tools. They will then appear in the PowerPoint Transitions tab.

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