Port forwarding in a network with 2 routers


I am starting a minecraft server for me and some friends.
Everything works as far as I can join and play in it when I use my internal ip (,
but I need to forward port 25565 so my friends can join and play when they use my 'public ip':25565.

For some reason this won't work and I feel like it is because of my home network.
We have a default router (default gateway with dhcp enabled) and I have another router in my room (ip with dhcp disabled).

I'm hosting the server on my desktop with ip
I have tried to only forward port 25565 to my desktop on the default router.
Then I tried to forward the port on both routers to my desktop.
And finally I tried to forward the port on the default router to my personal router( and then from that personal router to my desktop.

None of this worked and I am out of idea's if what I might be doing wrong.
Ill put 2 screenshots of both the router user interfaces so you can see how I tried.

Default router:
default router

personal (access point) router:
personal (access point) router

I hope anyone can help me with this and thanks in advance!

Best Answer

If you only use the Linksys as a switch and access point, you shouldn't be setting it up as a router at all. Instead, connect the cable to the Cisco router to a LAN port of the Linksys, disable DHCP on the Linksys, and set up the wireless however you want it set up. There's no need to get into complexities of multiple subnets; consumer routers are perfectly capable of serving as just switch+AP, without using any of their router functions.

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