Physical vs logical vs virtual cores


My processor has 4 physical cores.
Maximum of 8 virtual cores per core. Does the following applies:

  • if hyper threading is enabled than 4x 2 = 8 logical cores. Which means 8 x 8 = 64 maximum virtual cores

  • if hyper threading is not enabled than it's 4 x 8 = 32 maximum virtual cores.
    Or is it always 4×8=32 virtual cores?

Best Answer

Hi there are some few basics which help you to understand:
1. The more physical cores you have, better will be the performance
2. Logical cores in a single physical processor helps the processor to multitask but not better as compare to having a dedicated physical processor
3. Hyper threading is a process to achieve multi core performance in a single physical core
4. Hyper threading does not multiply logical cores, their implementation is already fixed by manufacturer
5. Hyper threading allows the CPU load to distribute in the cores and if more distribution required, then divide the load within a physical core with different technologies like time slicing, round robin etc

So if your CPU is having 4 physical cores with maximum of 8 logical/virtual cores per core then is will always be 4x8 = 32 cores
Hope this will help you. :-)