Pdf – MS Publisher cannot save the file to PDF with crop marks


I am unable to save (i.e. export) the file to PDF using MS Publisher, when I include crop marks in my printout.

enter image description here

Saving the file otherwise works, but when I include crop marks, it simply fails with a generic message "Cannot save the file". It doesn't offer any additional troubleshooting options that I am aware of.

Has anyone had similar problems before, or a way to circumvent this?

Best Answer

At the end, I solved my problem by printing to PDF (instead of using the Publishers "native" Save to PDF). I enabled crop marks in advanced output settings and used PDF Creator (but probably any PDF capture driver will do).

enter image description here

The results may differ a bit for more complex elements, but PDF Creator files are actually generally smaller (having image compression and downsampling disabled on both sides).

But I did have situations where PDF Creator was unable to render some elements properly, and this is why I tried avoid this path initially.

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