Pdf – How to download a view-only PDF?


I am trying to download a PDF file from a site that lets me only view it. 
I visited the site a few months back, and back then I could easily download PDFs. 
Recently however, they seem to have undergone a layout change of their website.

I have tried this, and put ".pdf" after the link, but it said webpage not found.

Can anybody tell me how to download the PDF?

The PDF I am trying to download is here.

Best Answer

If I look at the page in firebug I do not see a PDF. I see a webpage (in HTML, and with a title which ends in PDF, but which is build in HTML).

Best guess: they replaced the PDF with something different, which makes it impossible to download the PDF.

Screenshot of webpage in firefox with firebug console open: Screenshot of webpage in firefox with firebug console open

What you can do is:

  • Make a printscreen of each and every page. Optionally print those all to a PDF 'printer'
  • Or change the left margin of the webpage to zero (fr me it defaulted to 418px), and then print page by page to a PDF writer.
    (Failing to adjust the margin causes page which only partially fits on regular A4 sized format. After changing the margin to 0 it fits nicely).
  • Lastly, the cop out solution: They obviously made this page from a PDF source. You can always ask them to email you those PDFs.
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