Pdf – How to disable text search on a pdf file


I just made a pdf file from the contents of a website (i.e. print->export pdf->save).

Currently, I am able to search the text. I would like to disable this option. In fact, I would like to convert this file into a pdf format which is impossible to text search.

How can I do this?

Best Answer

As long as you stay in PDF format I guess that disabling text search is not possible. But you could do the following:

  1. Extract PDF pages as images
  2. Recreate a PDF based on the images

Depending on the OS you use, there are different tools that can do that. Under Linux for example there is the convert tool from the ImageMagick package that could do that.

EDIT: Based on the fact that the convert tool seems to be available under Windows (thanks for the hint @moonpoint) I will add the commands I would use with convert to achieve the extraction and recreation (please note that this is the Linux command syntax which should either be identical or at least similar to the syntax in Windows):

  1. convert YourFile.pdf YourFile.png # Extract the pages as images
  2. convert YourFile-*.png YourNewFile.pdf # Recreate a PDF from the images
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