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I have old PDF document (image of a map), and I want to import it into Visio to edit/update it. What is the basic workflow to follow. Attached is sample PDF. Is there a way to trace the lines/shapes automatically and make them editable Visio files? I have the ability to convert PDF to any file.

Sample PDF

Image on the PDF page:
PDF image

Understood. The end product is that I am trying to create the Map that is originally in the format of .CRW (Corel Draw) as seen above and create the end product like this map.

enter image description here
. The new map used visio to create – just trying to find out workflow how to get from the first crappy map to the version that is cleaned in visio – oh yea there are over 200 maps so trying to figure a streamlined process

Best Answer

Visio can't work directly with PDF files. Either get a PDF file editor, or convert the PDF into DXF format (there are free converters available for that job), then import the DXF file into Visio.

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