Outlook This might be a phishing message and is potentially unsafe


We have developed a support ticket software system that sends emails out to registered users.

In the past this have been fine using Exchange Server. We have now switch over to Office 365 and are using the Exchange Online.

The problem is, now when we receive email from our support ticket, Outlook shows the message.

This might be a phishing message and is potentially unsafe. Links and
other functionality have been disabled

I know I can trust the message and the sender to remove this message, but this is really not the fix. I want to figure out why Outlook think this is a phishing message and resolve the issue.

These emails get sent to our customers and I don't want to have to tell them to trust the email or turn of the functionality.

Could it be an issue where the domain in our email doesn't match the sending server?

What checks does outlook do to determine if it is a phishing email?

Best Answer

It can be very tricky getting around phishing and SPAM detection. Sometimes it is simply the content, sometimes it is receiving the same message over and over. http://www.gn.apc.org/support/outgoing-mail-wrongly-classed-spam-or-phishing-microsoft-software gives a few reasons that are Outlook specific.

One thing easily to check is what the link is for the registration. Is it an IP or hsotname? An IP address would be more suspect than a hostname, and http more than https. So a perfect link would be https://website.yourdomain.com or whatever, with a valid SSL certificate.

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