Outlook – How to reset outlook 2010 options to default settings


How can I reset the outlook 2010 default options that are accessed via the orange Ribbon File Tab > Options (left navi bar)?

Searching online gives many step-by-stepp instruction in creating an Outlook Profile, which lets you add email accounts, data files etc. but does not seem to reset the Outlook options.

Another popluar and more accurate search result goes along this line https://kb.wisc.edu/wiscmail/page.php?id=9357 but it does not apply to Outlook 2010.

Best Answer

Follow these steps.

  1. Make sure Outlook is closed
  2. Then go to Control Panel and find the mail icon.
  3. Show the profiles
  4. Then delete the current profile
  5. After that create a new profile and give it a name.

Now open Outlook and set your profile with the emails you want. In addition see more information here

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