Outlook – How to filter on the BCC field in Outlook


I have a filter set in Outlook that puts any message I send to myself, where my name is not on the To or Cc line, to a specific folder. I use this when I send emails I need to follow-up on. I Bcc myself, and my rule sorts the email into my "Follow-up" folder.

I'm running into a problem with Exchange email groups. I'll receive an email that was sent to "EmailDistributionGroup", but because my name isn't explicitly on the To or Cc lines, my filter picks it up and moves it into my "Follow-up" folder.

If I could filter based on whether or not my name was on the Bcc line, I could avoid this. Does anyone know of an extension or add-on that makes this possible?

Best Answer

the bcc list isn't transmitted - hence the "b" in bcc. try filtering on from=me and to and cc do not include you.