Outlook – How to autofill subject line in Outlook


How to autofill subject line in Outlook for new messages, replies, and forwards?

I am now allowed to send [unsecure] emails from my agency, but have to manually put in [unsecure] for every email going out (replies, forwards, and new messages) in the subject line.

This is very time consuming.

Is there a way to program my subject line to ALWAYS have [secure] as the first text in subject line? even for replies and forwarded emails?

Best Answer

  1. In the Quick Steps section of the Home ribbon, choose the Create New option.
  2. In the window this brings up, click on the Choose an Action drop down, then choose New Message (you will need to repeat this as needed for Replies/Forwards/etc).
  3. Click on the Show Options flyout button.
  4. In the Subject: text field, add your desired text (make sure to leave the <subject> intact for Replies/Forwards as this is the placeholder for the original message's subject).
  5. Optionally choose a shortcut key and add tooltip for helpful reminders, then click Finish.
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