Outlook 2007 unable to connect to exchange server


I came into the office a week ago and outlook has refused to connect ever since, it just says "Disconnected" in the bottom right-hand corner. I've tried restarting it, rebooting Windows etc.

I'm the only one if our office who is having this problem, so it's not a general problem with the server.

Things I've tried

  1. Pinging the server via IP address and host name, both work fine
  2. Connecting via OWA, this works using the same machine name
  3. Connecting to Exchange via HTTP ("Outlook Anywhere") doesn't work
  4. None of the suggestions in this question helped, https://serverfault.com/questions/21755/can-ping-exchange-server-cant-connect-outlook-to-it
  5. Disabling Windows firewall on my laptop also has no effect.

There are no items in the event viewer that indicate that anything it up. Also no permissions have changed on the server since when it worked.

Update: I've just tried logging onto a completely different PC, using my domain controller user-name/password. When I setup outlook on there it also fails, so the problem isn't specific to 1 pc/outlook it's something about my particular user name, but not when using OWA?

What else can I do to diagnose this, any suggestions?

Best Answer

Check to make sure that Outlook is pointed to the right server. I had a user report a similar problem after we migrated to a new Exchange box.

Start-> right click Outlook-> Properties

Click Email Accounts

Account Settings dialogue box appears.

Highlight the account (it's usually Microsoft Exchange)

Click Change (3rd option right below tabs)

Verify that the server is the correct server.

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