Networking – Wireless routers as Access point using LAN-LAN but no connectivity through other LAN ports, and wifi works


I have followed every single step given in following page of DD-WRT page to setup a wireless access point.

I have a belkin G router and a tp-link 841N router having dd wrt installed.

From belkin LAN port i ran a cable to tp-link router and configured every single step perfectly and double checked making tp-link router as Access point.

After switching on the routers and laptop and mobiles connected are working fine and able to access internet.

But from the tp-link router if i connected any device to other lan ports then those devices are unable to access the network. They are not even getting ip assigned. Even if i manually add the ip they are still unable to access.

But as per the steps given in dd wrt page it should work properly.

Main router has channel 11 and tp-link has channel 6 for wireless.

Here are the network settings of the tp-link router.

Best Answer

Depending on your network diagram I have a similar setup in place.

Router 1 {R1} - Router 2 {R2}

R1: Asus Tomato USB: DHCP provider

R2: Tp link Factory: Separate DHCP or Act as Switch

  • Separate DHCP - Provides its own DHCP and separate Local IP addressing

    • Connections: R1: LAN - R2: WAN - R2: LAN - Clients
    • PS: Check for IP address, DHCP & Gateway obtained from R2 by running ipconfig
  • Act as Switch - Depends on DHCP from R1 with common Local IP addressing

    • Connections: R1: LAN - R2: LAN - Clients
    • Apparently on your FW you can also assign WAN port as a Switch so no NAT happens.
    • PS: Check for IP address, DHCP & Gateway obtained from R1 by running ipconfig

Note: DHCP from R1 will forward by default, or one has to ensure that DHCP from R1 is not blocked or disabled by R2 which is acting as a switch.

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