Networking – will powerline networking between 2 side-by-side house work


i am supposed to do a home networking thing for this two houses side-by-side. so, will powerline work?

i don't know much about the type of electrical wiring here, but if it is of any help its is in malaysia.


EDIT: ok i guess no powerline then.. but erica a wireless bridge would half the available bandwidth right? then it wont be suitable because ideally they want to be able to send large files to a central nas.

Best Answer

Depending upon where you live, you may find that your next door neighbour is on a different phase to yourself, meaning, that there is no electrical connection between your houses.

If the houses are on different phases, you should be aware of the dangers of making an electrical connection between the two houses, as you increase the potential difference from 240v to 415v (in europe, not sure what 110v equates to in the US).

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