Networking – Will any 2.4GHz antenna work for WiFi card


I was going to either buy a biquad antenna or a double biquad antenna, but then I came across a 25 dBi Yagi antenna. The literature says it's "For Router," but will this work to plug into a USB WiFi Adapter with a RP-SMA antenna connector on it? I've already bought the USB WiFi Adapter, an N To RP-SMA adapter, and a 3m M to F RP-SMA extension cord.

Best Answer

Yes, it will work but being a Yagi (design) aerial, it is very directional so you will have to aim at the 'other end' quite carefully as you'll get very little signal radiation or reception to the sides, above, below or behind that antenna. Mind you, that goes for quads and biquads too.

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