Networking – I have unknown devices attached to the wireless router


I have two unknown devices attached to my wireless router.
They are showing as:

IPv4 devices    UNKNOWN 80:ea:23:2b:a9:b2     UNKNOWN bc:30:7d:ca:d9:e1

Ipv6 devices

fe80::82ea:23ff:fe2b:a9b2   UNKNOWN 80:ea:23:2b:a9:b2

Ideally I would like to understand the source and therefore if required how to disconnect them.

Best Answer

The OUIs of both of those MAC addresses shows up in the IEEE OUI database as being registered to "Wistron Neweb Corp.", a Taiwanese manufacturer of Ethernet cards, set-top box/smart TV chipsets, and Internet-of-things/home security products, among other things. Google for their name and browse their site(s) and maybe you'll see something that helps you realize which device this is.

Note that those two MAC addresses might be from the same device, for example if it managed to get connected to your network via both Ethernet and Wi-Fi, or via Ethernet and HomePlug or G.Hn, or whatever.

Also note that some other company may be using a Wistron Neweb chipset or reference design in their product. So for example, it might still be your cable TV set-top box even if that box is from some other company.

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