Networking – How to use a smart TV as a monitor via built-in Wi-Fi adapter


I have a TV with built-in Wi-Fi adapter (Samsung Smart TV series 6). How can I use it a regular monitor using Wi-Fi instead of HDMI?

Currently I can use allShare software to cast videos to it.
I am looking for a software solution.

Best Answer

After two years, I have just succeeded to do that in Windows 10. Assuming you have all required hardware:

  1. First be sure the TV source is switched to Screen Mirroring (each manufacturer may use a particular term for that.)
  2. Also make sure the TV is listed among other devices in Devices and Printers windows.
  3. Press windows+k keys and select your TV from list.
  4. Now your monitors will act as a regular secondary HDMI monitor.
  5. You may need to repeat this steps to succeed.


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