Networking – How to share local network links with team messenger


I'm working in advertising agency, and we often need to share local links within Windows 8 and 10 network. Files are big, so you can't attach them to messages.

For communication we use slack and Skype, but the problem is that click on link like


nothing happens. Parser inside mesenger understands that it is link, higlights it, but doesn't open it.

Workflow now looks like
Shift + Right click on file → copy as path → paste to Skype → copy from Skype to Windows explorer → remove "" from path → open file

when you do it 20 times a day it's frustrating.

Can you suggest more convenient way to share links with other team members?

Best Answer

It should be in the format


That's two slashes at the beginning. So you need to convert backslashes to forward slashes, and escape any non-URL-allowed characters (e.g. space -> %20).

To make this easier, I use SendTo Toys, and set the following options:

SendTo Toys clipboard options

Bear in mind that this will create a link, and allow you to copy it, but clicking it to open may not work, due to security settings on your PC.

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