Networking – How to restore the network connection to the Epson SX235W


My Epson SX235W has lost it's network connection for no apparent reason. The settings for my wireless network haven't changed – other wireless devices can still connect – and (as far as I can work out) the settings on the printer haven't changed either. I haven't enabled MAC filtering, the wireless password hasn't changed, the SSID of the network hasn't changed.

I've tried both reinstalling the printer software from the installation CD and reconnecting the printer via the "Wi-Fi" button on the front panel. In both cases the printer goes away for 5 minutes attempting to communicate and comes back with either:

Communication error

or a flashing orange light on the front panel. There is no other information as to what is wrong.

The router seems to think that the printer is connected. It has an entry for the printer called "EPSON2C11F5" and has assigned it an IP address. However if I try to ping that address I get "Destination host unreachable.". Unfortunately I don't know whether that's because the printer doesn't respond to pings or really is unreachable.

What other options do I have?

The printer part is working fine when I connect via USB – it's just the wireless networking that's failed.

Best Answer

I found the solution. It seems that with every change of network configuration, even with a new computer start, turning the printer off and on again etc., the printer may request/receive a new IP from the router.

So the trick to fix it is to find out the new IP of the printer (I am doing that via the router admin interface), then run "Start" - "Epson" - "Epson Scanner Configuration", and there I delete the existing scanner from "Network Scanner Address" and add a new one with the correct IP. Clicking "Test" should find the scanner now.

After that, refresh the scanner list in the software (it may be 'cached' with an old IP address) and run a scan - for me it works ever since! (well unless my printer receives a new IP, aargh!!)

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