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I have several machines at my home and most of them are wireless. My desktop and my network drive are plugged in to my router directly. I would like those two items to always have the same ip how can I ensure this. My desktop (MAC) is running a website that I need to test from my Laptop (PC)

so I think I have things setup right but I'm not sure, so I have the router setup like this

enter image description here

and then I have my network settings like so

enter image description here

will this work properly ?

Best Answer

Either set a static IP and exclude these from the DHCP pool, or simply (and probably easiest), set up DHCP Reservations/static leases.

It changes based on whatever router you have, but usually it involves going to the DHCP configuration and there should be a page that states reservations - simply look at the MAC address of the current machine and set it.

If you need any help on this stage, please give the model of your router and I will try to help you further.

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