Networking – How to find the VLAN IP address


How can I find the VLAN IP for a host? I have a Linux machine and as an example my host name is vhtask01 and IP address is Now how can I find out which VLAN the server is in, what up network the machine is and what is the VLAN IP for this particular machine?

Best Answer

I think you are confusing several things.

you already have your IP address, which is part of a subnet. by combining the IP address and the subnet mask you can determine what network you are on, and what the broadcast and root addresses are for that network.that network itself is the VLan. there is no separate VLAN IP (are you sure you're not thinking about VPN or NAT?). VLans are defined by network hardware (routers or L3 Switches) and are almost completely invisible to the client. they are just a way to have lots of small networks without having lots of different routers and switches dedicated to each small network.

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