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I recently updated the firmware of my router (Netgear WNDR4500) to dd-wrt. I am not sure about the version I have, but everything is working flawlessly, and since I did it the day before yesterday (21.03.17), I don't only think the firmware is the correct one, but also that it is the most recent one. I enabled the WPS/SES button as described in dd-wrt guide, since I need my printer (I have a Samsung M2070W printer, whose manual is to be found here) to be connected to the network, but I think it doesn't work.

In fact, I press and hold the WPS button on the printer until it begins to search for a wireless network, then press the WPS button on the router, and nothing happens (I tried to press and hold that one too).

Given that it's not possible to manually enter the security key (if it can be of any help I have WPA2 Personal with AES), I would have no other option than connect the printer to the router via USB cable, which kinda bothers me. Any idea on how to get the WPS work (is the WPS the problem anyway?)?

P.s. 1: Both wireless interfaces (2.4 and 5 GHz) are tested and working, and yes, I did the 30/30/30 reset after the installation of the firmware.

P.s. 2: I read that WPS button didn't work on dd-wrt, but all the sources are pretty much outdated, and I thought the bug was corrected…

Best Answer

dd-wrt does not support WPS, due to inherent security issues. The button can be repurposed for other functions - like turning the radio on and off. To set up a printer for wifi when the printer doesn't have an onboard interface, you will need to establish a direct connection to the printer. Then use the manufacturer's software tools to set up wifi on the printer. Apparently one can also establish a connection using a mobile printing app to do the same function - connect to the printer and setup wifi that way.

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Brother support: setup wifi through direct connection

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