Networking – How to circumvent a private WAN IP address


I just signed up with a new ISP and I got a dynamic private-range (172) IP as WAN address on my firewall/router, so I can't do any port forwarding. They say that to do port forwarding I must buy a fixed IP, for which they ask a fortune and it's a life-time fixed IP address, that I will never be able to change (unless I pay double that fortune).

Is there anyway to work around this problem? The DynDNS client gets my public IP, which unfortunately doesn't really point to me.

Many thanks for any hints.

Best Answer

If my assumptions based on your problem are correct, you will need to source your IP address externally - and unfortunately there is a cost associated with it. Look for a company that will provide you with a VPN service (I'd recommend one using OpenVPN) - and that provides a real IP address to you. There are a few of these providers arround.

This solution will entail a performance hit (because of the longer routing). The alternative is to change to another ISP.

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