Networking – Enable channel 13 for American Intel WiFi Link 4695AGN


A friend of mine recently moved from the States. Problem is, he can't connect to our WiFi network. Ours is on channel 13 since Channels 1, 6 and 11 (the only other separate channels available) are overcrowded. However due to channel 13 being disallowed in the USA (while being allowed in the rest of the world) the laptop can't see the WiFi.

The laptop runs Windows Vista SP1. The WiFi hardware is an Intel Wifi Link 4695AGN.

In device manager, there is no option to select a region (which I've seen a few times). Is there a way, e.g. with a specific driver, to allow the laptop to communicate on channel 13?

Best Answer

The details we really need are related to his laptop, but the only way will be is if his wireless network card can be updated with an international version of the firmware. Without details as to his computer model and specific network card, I cannot even tell you if it exists.

Based on your comment, there do not appear to be any firmware updates of any kind. He will probably need to just buy a wireless network card over there, and use that one.

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