Networking – Can’t access login page of TP-Link router (TD-W8910G)


Whenever I enter to access the login page of my router, I can't access it to configure it even after resetting it!

I also tried changing the TCP/IP settings to static as mentioned in the router's manual but it didn't help.

Anyone please help me out?

Best Answer

This is what I did and resolved my problem:

1. Disable the WiFi of the router my pressing the back button (I have td-w8961nd), for yours check your manual for how to disable it.
2. Restart your modem/router.
3. Connect to your PC to modem/router using the LAN cable.
4. Enter in your browser and you are done.

N.B after enabling the WiFi you have to restart your modem to take effect, but you will no longer able to login again

I hope this will work for you

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