Need advice on USB bootable Format tools


I need some tool to use with my work incoming weeks i have to format like hundreds of PCs

i have 64 mb USBdrive i need to put it too good use in this tool have to be below 64 mb

As far as i know about tool and i have try it out

DBAN —– too extreme, take a lot of time

Gparted —- too large for 64 mb

Damn small linux —— it's too complicate and waste time on loading

Fdisk —– this one is okay but need advice on modify it

i would like to have program that(in dos boot screen like MSDOS boot)

-plug USBdrive then boot up via usb

-have choice for you atleast 2 choice
—-E.G. Choose to Format HDD and Exit

If this kind of similar tool is not exist can you suggest me of how to build it or anyone have this kind of lookalike program please inform me

This is just my curiosity and want to find out that is it possible or not

Best Answer

Try Partition wizard boot disc

Download partition wizard bootable CD image file from this link

Download universal USB installer and make a bootable USB from the downloaded image file

Boot to partition wizard

Select screen size

Then you will be able to manage your partition from the partition wizard console.

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