Windows – How to Perform Multisession Burn in Imgburn


Is Multisession burn available in Imgburn? If not, any idea whether it will be implemented in future? I almost recommended Imgburn instead of Nero or Roxio to one of my friend. He requires multisession burning and I found no options to enable it,if available in Options.

Note: Please don't question the question. Like, Why would you want multisession anyway? or Isn't USB stick/RW Disk is what you need instead of a RO CD/DVD? Please keep the answers in context. I know that I can use USB sticks instead of CD/DVD and my friend require mulisession anyway. May be I can ask him to keep Nero as a backup for this purpose if Imgburn don't support this.

Best Answer

Here is a lengthy topic in the ImgBurn forums discussing the issue.

Deep down in the thread, this post says its in the works.

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