Windows – How to Monitor Server Performance to a File


I would like to monitor a windows server's performance by polling the CPU/RAM/Network IO usage over a period of time every 1 minute and write these values to separate files depending on the monitored channel.

Is there any open source/free tool out there besides XPerf?

Best Answer

You can use the PerfMon.exe tool that ships will all versions of windows and windows server.

  • Right-click Data Collector Sets/User Defined.
  • Click New/Data Collector Set.
  • Name it. -Create from template or manually after you get the hang of it.
  • Select a template like "system Performance".
  • Confirm or modify the path to the file to be created. -
  • Set the user id to use for the Run As.
  • Click "Finish".
  • right-click the newly created set and Start.
  • Stop when you want and find the report in the selected location, typically: %systemdrive%\PerfLogs\Admin\User
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