Firefox – Making Firefox remember multiple user name/passwords for the same site


I have several gmail logins for different purposes (work, home, other family members, etc.). Firefox happily remembers them all, but my problem is that it no longer even asks if want to remember the password when I log in under a new gmail account that it hasn't seen before.

At first I thought it was because I entered a user-name that started with a number. However recently I created a new account to associate with a new blog and it didn't ask me about that one either. Is there some kind of limit on how many unique usernames it will remember for a site (why???) or is there some configuration item I need to tweak to allow more?

Best Answer

I finally figured out why Firefox did not want to remember any more passwords.

I was reading the Mozilla help page on the Password Manager, and read where it said "Clicking outside of the Remember Password prompt will hide it. To bring it back, just click the key icon on the left side of the location bar." Instead of a key I see a lock in my version of firefox (15.0.1) so I clicked on that. That brought up some info about the game. I clicked on the "More Information" button, and then "View saved passwords". I realize I could get to this through the menus, but I noticed something accessing via this path that I didn't notice through the menus (maybe there were there and I just didn't notice them before, I don't know) - there was an entry for the web site that had a password but no user name. After I deleted this entry I then tried to log in for the site, and then Firefox immediately prompted me as to whether or not to remember the login info.

So in summary, if you are having problems with Firefox not wanting to remember more passwords, check if there is an existing password that has no user name. In my case, this made Firefox not want to remember any more passwords.