Macos – simple method to copy an image from Google Docs to the local clipboard

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Google Docs uses a 'web clipboard' approach for cut and paste that works very well so long as the paste target is another Google doc. However, I don't know how to easily copy an image from the Google web clipboard to my local clipboard so that it can be pasted into a local document.

At this point, I have discovered two kludgey ways to do this:

  1. File->Download as a Microsoft Office formatted file, open the file, copy image to clipboard
  2. Capture screen area to clipboard with command+control+shift+4

Both have obvious workflow or quality cons. Is there a better way?

Best Answer

I continue to have have the same problem, my work-around:

using Chrome:

  1. open the development tools
  2. click on Resources
  3. click on Frames - edit - images

among many icons this list contains the image embedded in the google doc, go through the list with arrow down, the image will appear on the right, this image can be copied with right-click-copy