Macos – Mac has IP address, can connect to router but can’t connect outside


Weird problem, my MacBook can't connect anywhere right now! The router works, it gets an IP, it can log into to the router but it can't resolve anything!

The router works as I connected another device to it and it connected to the net.

The MacBook doesn't have any strange DNS configurations either, just for the router

I even tried tethering it to my phone, and it still would not connect to the net… help?

Best Answer

You have connectivity to the Internet, which means you probably have a browser issue. Check your browser options for a proxy, and uncheck them.

Also, you may be on a Mac, but if your proxy settings have changed, that is a classic sign of having a virus.

If you don't find your proxy has been changed, set your DNS servers to and (these are Google's public DNS servers) and see if you can connect then. Your ISP's DNS could be down. If none of that works, your browser may need to be repaired.

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