Macos – How to reset the ~/profile from the Terminal in Mac OS X 10.5



I recently installed tomcat on my OS X 10.5 box and while I was playing around with the ~/profile I accidentally put in a bad alias and saved it. Long story short every time I open up the Terminal app it tries to launch the alias and hangs up and is unresponsive with keyboard commands.

I tried deleting my Home folder -> Library -> Preferences ->

This did not work…. However when I create another user on the system the Terminal works fine.

It's prob some hidden file in the Home directory I assume? But I have had no such luck with rigging my Mac to view hidden files. Please help!

Best Answer

pressing Shift-cmd-. should toggle showing hidden files in finder, without having to use the terminal. Do this, find your .profile file, open it with textedit and fix your mistake.

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