Macos – How to fix a Mac OSX Profile call to missing /usr/local/bin directory


Somehow, possibly in-between installing RVM and MacPorts, I get an error message whenever I open up my terminal in Snow Leopard that complains that I have an invalid identifier in my bash export. I've tracked down the culprit to be /usr/local/bin which doesn't seem to exist on my system. Should this worry me? and if not, how do I find out where /usr/local/bin is being called from?

I've looked in .profile, .bashrc, and .bash_profile in my home directory, but I can't seem to find it in any of those files. Where else could it be, or how can I easily find out?


Best Answer

Are you sure the culprit is the placement of /usr/local/bin? When Bash complains of an invalid identifier, it's complaining about the name of an exported variable, not the variable's contents (Bash does't care about the contents).

As for .profile, .bash_profile, and .bashrc, if they're not in your home directory, you can just create them.

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