Macos – Can’t find iPhoto on the Mac OSX system


Mac OSX: I can't find iPhoto.

I can't download any pictures anywhere. I thought iPhoto came with OSX but not all applications.

Can I get iPhoto? Should I look for another application to do the same? I'm not familiar with Apple, and am older. Advice/suggestions welcome!

Best Answer

Just to be sure, check that iLife really isn't on your system by searching with spotlight (by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner) for 'iphoto.' After that, check your 'Applications' folder, and just scan through. If it really isn't there, locate the DVD's that came with the Mac. They should usually be in a pouch in the box the Mac came in. One of the DVD's should be labelled 'Applications Install DVD.' Place in your Mac's disc drive, and follow instructions to 'Install bundled software.' After you finish, iPhoto should be installed. iPhoto really should have come on your Mac already, and you should not have had to do anything about it to get it going. This may have been a slip in standards or an error at the factory, because usually Apple products are delivered in perfect as-advertised condition. Hope this helps.

(Apologies if I came across as patronising, but I tried to be as clear as possible if you are new to Apple :) )

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