MacOS – Mac -> Windows Remote Desktop Keyboard [German Layout]

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I thought, that instead of a VM on my MacBook, I would just RDP to a Windows Server, and write my code there (C#,Visual Studio).
Problem is that the keyboard mapping is completely wrong:
What I'd want is to have the normal Mac keyboard layout (German) in the Remote Desktop session too.
Now i downloaded a keyboard layout and installed it on windows, BUT as the a lot of keys are mapped to ALT+NUMBER (like ALT+5 for [ and ALT+6 for ]) and windows' default behaviour for the alt key is, to highlight the menu, i can't work with that mapping.

Would anyone of you have an idea to get that working?

I'm open to all suggestions and tried googling for some hours without finding a good solution


Best Answer

As suggested by harrymc i'm using an AutoHotKey script right now


i'm still trying to get the auto-run feature of RD working, so it automatically starts the program upon connecting.

Might not be the most elegant solution to this problem, but at least it works and i can easily change the script