Mac – How to split and reconnect large files


I'm trying to upload 10 GB files to S3, but the files are too large.

So I'm looking for a program that will zip then split the file into multiple, smaller files.

Of course, I need the same program to enable me to reconnect the files

My preference is to have a Mac & PC program, but the Mac version is most important to me.

Best Answer says it is supported by PC and MAC

there are loads of programs to split files, this one for the PC, called WinSplit,17120-order,1-page,1-c,alldownloads/description.html

Any binary file splitter, a program that just reads the binary of the file and doesn't interpret it, doesn't add or remove anything. They should combine too.

Also, to combine them on a PC you can use copy /B file1.a+file2.a then they end up totalled in file1.a so you may want to make a backup of file1.a if you want to keep it 'cos it'll get overwritten. If you use copy /B ..+..+..+.. to combine them.