List the current folder folder’s sizes with the terminal

command lineterminalunix

I want a list of the folders from the current directory or one that I specify with their size.

I have tried with du but I only get the size of the directories I specify (du . ./f1), and ls doesn't show the size of the folders.

How do I do this without any scripting ?

Best Answer

If you want to show all the directories in the current directory:

$ du -sh */
788K    foo/
500K    bar/
931K    baz/

To show them starting from another directory:

$ du -sh /path/to/dir/*/
48K     /path/to/dir/dir1/
4.0K    /path/to/dir/dir2/
6.7M    /path/to/dir/dir3/
20K     /path/to/dir/dir4/
8.0K    /path/to/dir/dir5/
44K     /path/to/dir/dir6/

If you want to make sure directories with names starting with a dot are included do shopt -s dotglob first.

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