Linux – Windows network share on linux server without samba


I want to mount shared folders from my linux server on the network to appear like normal drives in Windows.

The server has a private network on one side and a public network (which happens to give me a semi-static IP on the internet) on the other side. I am using both networks and want a samba-like filesharing ability.

Why not samba:

  • it has no encryption
  • it spams the public network
  • it is said to be very unsafe

At the moment I use sftp mainly and I would love to have some shares integrated into windows, is this possible? If there is a way to secure and harden samba, especially adding encryption – transfer and login – it would be fine too though.

Edit: To make it more clear, I allready use WinSCP so I am not looking for an FTP-like client software but for an integration comparable to samba. (mount network share, assign drive letter)

Edit2: I think further Explanation is needed how my network looks like:

I live in one of the universities dorm appartements, and can access the universities network from my room. My server/router (same box) is connecteted to the network which hands out an IP via DHCP which is accessible through the internet, too. Thats why I call it semi-static, it basically does not change unless I switch my server off for more than a few days. As that box works as my router I have a private network on the other side too.

As long as I am within the reaches of the universities network (read most of the day) I want to access my servers files. Simple sollution would be to allow all internal adresses of the universities network, but I do not trust this network to be safe. I still want access to the files, not through a client bases sollution like WinSCP or FileZilla offer, but a true integration as a filesystem.

Best Answer

This question on StackOverflow might be of interest.

Dokan seems to be an interesting way to mount network locations more safely.

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