Linux – What software can I use to give the computer multiple copy and paste shortcuts?

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I would like to have the ability to copy multiple items with different shortcuts, and have different past shortcuts, each linked to one of the copy shortcuts. For example, pressing ctrl+v would paste whatever I had copied with ctrl+c, while pressing ctrl+shift+v would copy whatever I had copied with ctrl+shift+c. Ideally, I would like it to use different combinations of the meta keys plus c/v. Does anyone know some free software that can provide this functionality? I use Windows and Fedora, and would like something for each of them, preferably something very lightweight.

Best Answer

Tenclips? It has 10 clipboards, and is hotkey driven, you select the different clip board with a Key combination and then paste it's contents with CTRL+V. It has other features as well, paste uppercase, paste lowercase, paste purified text (without formatting, which I find extremely useful). Hover over the tray icon and see what is in the current clipboard.

CTRL+1 and Then CTRL+V (pastes from the 1st clipboard)
CTRL+5 and Then CTRL+V (pastes from the 5th clipboard)