Linux – Transfer file from Windows to VMware linux client


I have a Windows 7 host that runs a VMware RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.3 client (which has been modified and given to me as an .iso). Instead of being shown a graphical interface, I just have access to a command prompt as root.

I need to copy and execute a .bin file in Linux-land, but the file currently lives in Windows-land. How can I get the file into Linux-land?

My first thought was to use VMware tools, but installation of those fail with an "internal error". My second thought was to use ftp, but my shell does not have the ftp command. I also have three network interfaces eth0, eth1 and eth2 but I have no idea how to make use of those. I also had a quick look at Samba, but my prompt does not support the command smbpasswd. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Edit: Folder sharing does not seem possible either.

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Best Answer

You could ...

  1. Ensure sshd is running on the Linux VM
  2. Download and use WinSCP or Putty's pscp on the Windows host
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